*Question:  How do I order from Extreme Bling It Inc. products?

Answer:   Just call or email us our staff here at Extreme Bling It Inc will be more than happy to help you with your order

*Question:  How long does it take to recieve my items

Answer:     This will depend on the item or items that are purchased. You can speak to one of our Extreme Bling It Inc. Associates and they will be happy to give you help in this area.

*Question: Do you charge any artwork fees?

Answer:   This I must say is the Million Dollar Question. We strive to not charge any artwork fees but In such a crazy and fast paced industry. Having any of the artwork submitted to us and ready to go is a huge factor in turn around times. We do specialize and take pride in all aspects of our trade, quality and speed.. We strive to be a competive and creative team at Extreme Bling It Inc. And to do so we must implement a artwork fee because of the lengther of time it takes to get it done. Artwork and apparel creation can be a very intensive procedure as far as time is concerned. It would be like you as a gym owner or any other profession that you may work and be asked to work for free and not know if the end result will be in a return customer or go somewhere else.